Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Healing Foods - Event announcement

I am very excited to guest host Healing Foods event for this month. This is a wonderful event started by Siri of Cooking with Siri. And any guesses on what food I chose for this month's theme... Yes, It is "Banana". 
Banana is a favorite fruit for most of us. It serves as an instant storehouse of energy due to its carbohydrates content and is rich in iron, vitamins, potassium and fiber. It is also a natural antacid and provides a cooling effect to the body, much needed in this summer. It is one of the three royal fruits (Mukkani - meaning three fruits) in Tamil literatures. The three royal fruits are Maa (Mango), Palaa (Jackfruit) and Vaazhai (Banana).
Almost all part of the banana plant is edible or has its uses. The trunk(stem), blossom (flower), plantain (raw banana), banana (fruit) are used as food. The banana leaves are traditionally used to serve food and are also used as eco-friendly plates.
And now coming to the guidelines of the event
1. Make any dish with Banana as the main ingredient. Any dish with ripe banana, raw banana (plantain), banana blossom, banana stem is welcome.
2. The dish can be any part of the meal, like appetizer, main course, dessert, sides, shakes, smoothies or in its raw or baked form. Only vegetarian entries, but eggs are allowed.
3. Please link to this page and Siri's Healing Foods event announcement page.
4. Any number of new entries posted in the month of June 2011 is accepted. Archived entries are accepted if reposted with a latest date in June. Maximum of two entries from archives please.
5. Use of logo is appreciated
6. The last date for the entries is Jun 30 2011.
7. Please email the following details to krithiskitchen[at]gmail[dot]com with subject line as "Healing Foods - Banana"
    Name, Blog Name, Recipe Name, Recipe URL, Country, Picture (resized to 400 px please).
8. Non-bloggers can also participate. Send in your recipe with a picture to the above email id.
And now to the interesting part of the event, "The Giveaways".

1. Cooking at Home with Pedatha
    Awarded Best Vegetarian Cookbook in the world 2006, this book documents culinary legacy of a illusrious Indian grandmother for posterity.

2. Sukham Ayu
     Winner of Best Health and Nutrition Book in the World 2009-Second place, this beautiful book has been researched at KARE, an idyllic ayurvedic research and rejuvenation establishment near Pune.
Two lucky winners will be randomly selected from the entries received and be awarded the books. Myself and Siri are not eligible to participate in the random draw. Both the books will be shipped to any place in the globe. So there are no boundaries on who can participate and win the lovely treasures.
Expecting a lot of healthy and tasty entries from you all!!


  1. nice event . will send my entries ......

  2. wonderful event !! happy hosting dear !!

  3. wohoooo I have a recipe to share using banana

  4. Wow! such a wonderful event.. this is my favorite food with lots of food values.. Happy hosting dear!!

  5. WOW...Thanks will surely participate

  6. Happy hosting dear. I will try to cook something with banana as I have a few recipes bookmarked :)

  7. Happy hosting dear, nice event..

  8. Happy hosting Krithi..will send my entries.

  9. Happy hosting..will send my entry soon

    Sowmi's kitchen

  10. That's a great event to host. I love banana and wish I could have made something to participate . The husband doesn't like much !!

  11. happy hosting krithi! This is yet another interesting event dear - hope to participate - too much company over the next month!!!

  12. happy hosting! it's sure an inspiring theme!!

  13. Happy Hosting Krithi! Will surely send in my entries..

  14. That sounds like a wonderful event!!

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  16. Wonderful event Krithi, happy hosting! Will see if I can come up with something.

  17. Hi sent you the can check at

  18. Have just now sent u the details of my entry.

  19. I see if I can do it (not so good at reducing images....), but thank you so much for the invite, and in the meantime I'll follow you :-).

    I am vegetarian, so there are lots of lovely recipes for me here :-)


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  21. Nice Event! Will send my blog links with Banana recipes.

  22. I sent a few entries to this event last week. Did you get it Krithi?

  23. Happy Hosting Krithi!! My entry will be there!!

  24. Great event Krithi! I sent in my entry yesterday, please let me know if you got it: Banana Crumb Muffins!

    Thanks, Raven

  25. lovely event Krithi, happy hosting...i've sent an entry.waiting for the giveaways to be declared:)

  26. Great event Kirti. I am sending The chocolate banana cupcakes to this event .

  27. Hi,

    I am new to the world of blog. I just started & guess what .........I had just made a banana dish this past Sunday & now I just stumbled upon this contest. I ma definitely posting my dish.

  28. Hi Krithi,

    Here is my entry....

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