Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Year that was - 2014!

Sitting down to write about a year that just passed is challenging. As always there had been a highs and lows. On a personal side, things were pretty good (well, mostly). My little one turned 2 in June and started speaking in multiple word sentences. He also made many new friends. We visited India for two whole months and he had fun spending time with his grandparents and cousins. 
On blog front I would say my frequency of posts were pretty satisfactory. I had posted quite a good mix of traditional family recipes and contemporary recipes. I did bake lot of stuff this year comparatively. I also started posting Baby and Toddler food ideas and it was a huge success. I tried many recipes which had been in my bucket list like these Butter biscuits, Kodhel, Garlic Herb Pull Apart Bread. Talking about bucket list I had been very active in Pinterest this year. I also tried to click better food pictures this year.. and I am still learning.

So here it is, My Top 5 posts this year based on page hits.
1. Kodhel - In this fast paced world many traditional recipes are forgotten. Kodhel is one such recipe from state of Karnataka and I was happy when I tried this and happier when I found this was the top post of the year.
2. Mixed Vegetable Kurma - This ubiquitous side dish for Indian main course was the second top.
3. Brown Rice Idli - Trying to make a healthy food choice is in everybody's mind these days. But one need not compromise the taste or come out of their comfort zone to eat healthy food. 
4. Orange Blueberry Loaf Cake - A citrus-sy delight speckled with beautiful blueberries did attract dessert lovers like me. Not to mention the fact it is eggless.

5. Thengaipaal Sadham - A simple comforting rice dish to go with any spicy curry was also on the top search list.

Here is another list on 5 of my most favorite dishes I prepared this year (in no particular order).
1. Thalicha Sadham - This says "home" to me. Dad loves this dish, prepared by mom or grandma. Need I say more?
2. Bakery Style Kaara Buns - Having spent holidays in my aunt's place in Bangalore, this was one of the favorite evening snacks besides Kodubale (Note to self - try making Kodubale this year)
3. Aloo Capsicum Stir fry - Who doesn't love potatoes.. right? That too spicy, crispy ones. Making it at home is a breeze with my low-oil recipe here and have been making this for many times this year.
4. Mint Coriander Pulao - A simple pulao with fresh flavors is definitely on my list.
5. Chinna Vengaya Thokku - Grandma's recipe. I made this for my pickle-lover DH and he loved it so much.

That's it. My roundup for the year. Wishing you all a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year! 


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