About Me

Welcome to Krithi's Kitchen..!!

I am Krithika, an Indian currently living in the United States. 
A software engineer-turned-home maker, foodie and cook. 

Why this Blog?
I was introduced to the food blogging world by my good friend Denny. I had been a regular reader of her space and few other blogs for the past couple of years but never thought would write one. After working in the IT industry for nearly 7 years I decided to take a break since work was getting kind of monotonous and it was cutting in most of the family time. Being at home was a different experience which I enjoy but trying to keep myself occupied was really a challenge. I had a lot of time at hand and wanted to make good but also an entertaining use of it. I started this food blog because I thought it is a great way to record my recipes along with the traditional ones passed down by my family. Though I started cooking at an early age of 15, I really wasn't into full-fledged cooking until after marriage.  

What keeps this blog going?
My family. 
My DH is a great foodie and had always been very encouraging and supportive on my ventures. He never really thinks twice if I need some time to shoot some food pics or to buy any food props I need. He shares his thoughts on choosing props for a dish and gives ideas to try something new if my blog recipe index is missing a style. My little 2 yo is an adventurous foodie and tries everything I make. 

Camera and Photography
I love my camera Sony Cybershot DSC - H20. It is a regular point-and-shoot camera. The feature I enjoy most is the built-in gourmet shooting mode which is great for clicking food pictures. 
I am an entry level learner in food photography and my key learning is, a good natural light is THE most important thing for good pictures. I try to take my pictures in broad daylight (not directly under sun though :)).
Since December 2013 I own a Nikon D5200 SLR. I have come a long way in food photography since I started this blog but I am still learning.

All content and pictures in this space are copyrighted by KrithisKitchen2014. Any content or pictures shall not be used elsewhere without a permission in black and white by me.

Email me at krithiskitchen[at]gmail[dot].com to get in touch..


  1. Hi, I did not read your -about me- fully but I had seen some of your recipes which were good. I like your blog so much tell your DH hi. All the best keep doing this good work. Ungalukkum, DHikum, ungal kudumbathirkum Andavan Nallarul Puriyattum

  2. Wow.. This is awesome. Loved your Recipes and Photos. Everything looks so yummy. Keep up the great work. Very Impressed. Seems like everybody @ your home is very talented.

  3. Hi kirthi i m looking for chorafali chtuney ..that is perticaularly made in ahmedabad .
    if u have u can send me on my email daxy_dar@yahoo.com please dont send me mint or coriander chutney recepie . thanx

  4. Hi Krithi.. came across ur blog a few days back.. the dishes arisiyum parupu satham, tomato sambar for idli/sambar are well known dishes among our relatives and we prepare it very often.. i just wanted to know if u too are from the same part of TN... gonna try selavu sambar now.. will let u know how it was later..

  5. Hey Krithi.. Love your blog and as per me you are a very inspiring blogger. So heres the same award for you. Do collect it from .. http://www.tadkamasala.com/my-first-award/

  6. Love your receipes. Looks wonderful and yummy. Loved your blogs.

  7. Kriti you have a nice space. I think you should label your photos with your blog name to avoid any unnecessary use without permission. I thought I can say this. Happy Cooking

  8. i follow your page from few months back...actually i also running page names "soyawin" . this is just to make awarness about soyabean..plz visit my page
    thank you

  9. Thank you!! Thank you for making so many delicious Indian recipes (unknown to most Americans because they are uncommon in most Indian restaurants in the U.S.) available in English!!

  10. Awesome, Spontaneity every where, In your recipes, in your photographs and in your comments. Very well presented.


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