Thursday, August 2, 2012

Welcoming a New Member into our Family - My 200th post - Also a lovely gesture by dear blogger friends!!!

I am happy to share that we are blessed with a baby boy. We welcomed our Little Prince on June 28th and he has changed our lives (days and nights) totally since then. We have named him "Kavin" - meaning "Handsome". I couldn't believe how I got adopted to waking up at a slightest whistle from him and go to deep sleep the moment I hit the pillow after tending to his needs. The break of the dawn bawlings and midnight moanings are keeping us busy and alert all the time, but I am completely enjoying this new life.
With all this tight schedule I didn't actually have the time to get back to blogging though I was visiting some sites occasionally. Incidentally this is my 200th post and thought I should post the announcement in this one. I wanted to make a sweet to celebrate but could not do so due to time crunch.
Little did I know when I received an email from Reva and friends that they were hosting a virtual party in welcoming our Prince. I was so excited and delighted on the lovely gesture. And guess what they all made for the party.. "Sweets". I have a sweet-tooth and my regular readers would know that very well. I am very happy and delighted to see the lovely spread. Few of them have also made healthy postpartum food for nursing mothers. Just checkout the cute logo they have made.

And now for the spread.
Mysore pak by Reva
Badam Katli by Priya Suresh
Tirunelveli Halwa by Priya Sreeram
Kaaju Barfi by Priya Mahadevan
Rava Ladoo by Vardhini
Ragi Semiya Kheer by PJ
Prawn Coconut Fry by Shama
Jalebi by Nupur
Amritsari Badami Phirni by Dhyuthi
Mango Kheer by Radhika
Mango Nut Halwa by Anu &
Almond Energy Blast by Denise
Thank you Reva, Priya Suresh, Priya Sreeram, Priya Mahadevan, Vardhini, PJ, Shama, Nupur, Dhyuthi, Radhika, Anu and Denise for the wishes and blessings. 

A little "Thank you" note from Kavin.


  1. Awww !! such cute pair of socks...

  2. Congratzzz cute name!!! Enjoy motherhood :) So cute

  3. Congrats! Wishing you all the joys of motherhood.Loved little ones name too.

  4. Congrats!!!!Wishing you happy motherhood..Lovely name..

  5. Enjoy the motherhood dear...

  6. Congrats Krithi.....Happy motherhood :)

  7. cute and such a lovely name for a boy. Enjoy motherhood Krithi and meanwhile take care of yourself too.

  8. Lovely post.... Cutie Handsome Kavin... :) Congrats...

  9. Welcome baby boy... Enjoy every second krithi...

  10. That's so cute dear Krithi..The little sweet Kavin's reps there makes it such a valuable note.Hugs dear ....Enjoy the bliss of motherhood !

  11. Congrats Kirthi and give our love to your handsome :-)Enjoy being the Mother now..Take care

  12. Congratulations!! Enjoy these glorious moments!

  13. Congratulations Krithi...Love to Kavin

  14. Congrats krithi :) enjoy this phase fully with your cute and little prince..

  15. Congratulations Kriti!!! Enjoy this phase of motherhood. And my love to little Kavin :)

  16. congrats kriti,my love to ur lil prince!!

  17. Congratulations Krithi,enjoy your baby!

  18. Congrats!!! enjoy your precisous time with your bundle of joy.

  19. Congrats, enjoy each and every moments with your lil prince Krithi. Glad you liked our virtual welcome party.

  20. Again congratulations dear!! those booties are awesome...those days can never cum bk so njoy the most! :)

  21. Congrats once again Krithi dear!!! adorable booties :) Hugs n kisses to kavin :)
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  22. Congrats on being new mom... I am new to your space.. I am following you :-)

    Do check my blog when you find time :-)

    Sharans Samayalarai

  23. Hi Krithi ,
    congratulations to you and Karthi..
    kavin - nice name and hugs to the little one..

  24. Congrats Krithi..Takecare of you both..


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