Thursday, September 19, 2013

Radish Salad with Lemon Peanut Dressing

Salads are a refreshing accompaniment to any meal. I love my salads colorful with lots of texture. My recent love are these little red salad radishes. I also used bell peppers and snow peas for little sweet note. I would also suggest adding a cucumber for a refreshing bite. I did not have any at hand, so did not add.
Serves - 2
Red Radishes - 1 bunch - sliced to half moons
Snow Peas - 1 handful
Red Bell Pepper - 1 - julienned
Scallions/Spring onion greens - 2 tbsp
Roasted Pistachios - 15
Lime Peanut Dressing:
Peanut butter - 2 tbsp
Lime - 1 - juiced
Extra Virgin Olive oil - 1/4 cup
Salt & Pepper - to taste
Mix the ingredients for dressing (except EVOO) in a blender. With the blender running, drizzle the olive oil in the blender to create a smooth dressing. Mix the red radishes, snow peas and red bell pepper. When ready to serve, drizzle required amount of dressing and garnish with green onions and pistachios. The remaining dressing if any can be refrigerated for a couple of days.


  1. I too agree Kirthi. Salad indeed looks simply delicious and vibrant.

  2. Excellent and mouthwatering salad.... Pics look delicious.

  3. healthy way to kick start a day :)

  4. wow thats an healthy salad :) and a yummy dressing dear love the addition of peanut butter in it :)

  5. Very healthy and colourful salad, love that nutty dressing.


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