Friday, April 12, 2013

Cauliflower and Cheese Soup - Guest Post for Savitha

Cooking from cookbooks is always exciting isn't it? I and my sister always used to experiment by cooking from cookbooks. It was those days when we learnt the difference between teaspoon and tablespoon measurements. I was more of a sous-chef doing all the chopping and she will be the one who cooks. Most of our "experiments" turned out fine, some "ok" but nothing went terribly bad :). I stopped collecting cookbooks after a while and recently started collecting again. This recipe is from my newest collection "Williams Sonoma - Soup" book. I loved all the recipes and many of it being pure vegetarian, made me love the book even more.
Savitha and I are pretty close blog buddies. I still remember when we first got into chatting. It was when she blogged about her Strawberry Banana Smoothie  when we started exchanging comments and started chatting. Web chats got more than just food when she was pregnant with her second kid the same time that I was with Lil Kavin and she was a real support on tips on what to eat and to tackle glucose levels.. When I was skeptical on getting back to blogging full-fledged after a baby she was an inspiration which had me back. When she asked for a guest post in her space I immediately agreed. Who wouldn't want to be a guest.. right? This Cauliflower and Cheese Soup is something I have been wanting to make ever since I got this "Williams Sonoma - Soup" book. 

Hop over to her space for the full recipe..


  1. Love the bond between u and savi, yep blog world connect many of us easily..Lovely guest post Krithi,heading to Savi's space.

  2. Lovely friends and cooking :) one winning combination, hopping to her space to check out the recipe :)

  3. lovely guest post.Love the creamy soup.

    First time here,you have a lovely space,Happy to follow you ,will be glad if u follow mine.

  4. Now this is a very interesting combination, I had tried cauliflower soup once but never really like it much, but I am sure with the cheese it will definitely be worth a shot. Hopping over to her place for the recipe!

  5. Gr8 write up.

    Love the creamy soup too.

  6. A very refreshing yummy soup Krithi.happy Tamil New year to you and family.

  7. I have a cook book collection too, love your blog and following you. You can visit mine when you find time :)

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