Monday, April 30, 2012

Announcing Serve It Series - Serve It - Preserved

The theme(s) we selected for the May Edition of 'Serve it' is Preserved. Remember the summer holidays back home when we go to grandma's place, meet all cousins and spend lot of time playing under the sun?? We used to make full use of the sun by getting scorched by the heat and getting back home only for our meals and drinks break - Rasna and lemon juice. Oh... how we miss those days. During that time when the house is quiet and peaceful, our mothers and grandmothers will be busy with something else.. Making preserved food. It doesn't stop with Pickles and Jams but they'll make Vathals/Vadagams (sun-dried home-made fryums with rice) and Vengaya vadagams (a unique tempering item used in South-India).
While my maternal grandmother makes the best Onion pickle and Tomato jam, my paternal grandmother makes the lovely killu vathal (bite sized ready-to-fry fryums), Killu meaning pinched to a particular size. So remembering those delicacies and to re-kindle those memories we decided to devote this Month of May for the "Preserved" entries.

Here are the guidelines for the event:
1. You may send in any entry that is made and preserved. The dictionary defines preserved as: "to prepare food or any perishable substance so as to resist decomposition or fermentation". Your entry MUST meet this definition.
2. Examples include Jams, marmalades, Squash, Sherbet (not to be confused with sorbet), Pickles, Thokkus, Puli-Kaichal (ready to make tamarind rice mix), Sauces, Salsas, Sambal, Pesto, Home made ready to fry-Fryums (Vathals/Vadagams), sundried fruits/veggies. Recipes for canned fruits/veggies and posts explaining the canning process are welcome. 
3. Dry Spice powders are not allowed in this theme.
4. The entries should have a shelf life or refrigerator life of minimum 2 months. 
5. Both Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian entries are allowed.
6. Please link back to this announcement page and also to Denny's page here.
7. New entries are appreciated, however if you are sending archived entries, please re-post as latest (with a date in May 2012) and update with both the links to the announcement page and logo.
8. Usage of links and logo is mandatory.
9. Last date for submission of your entries is May 31, 2012.
10. To submit your entries, just link your entries using the linky tool below. 
11. Non-bloggers also can send their entries with a picture to the below email-id.
12. If you have a problem in linking email us your problem to serveit[dot]series[at]gmail[dot]com. We will try to resolve it.
Note: If the entries are inappropriate to the theme, we would have to remove the entries from the linky sans notification. If there are other issues like link or logo missing we would definitely notify through email.
Linky for Preserved entries:


  1. Happy Hosting dear. I will see if I can send something to your event.

  2. Happy hosting and count me in dear.

  3. Happy hosting, will try to send my entries too...

  4. Nice event Krithi, love already the spread of pickles and preserves here... will try to send some.. happy hosting..

    Yum! Yum! Yum!


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