Sunday, August 28, 2011

I am Tagged for the 7 links challenge..

Neha of From my Heart blog and Aarthi of YummyTummy have tagged me to play a game of the 7 links. It is one of the recent blogosphere's interesting tagging event. Thanks Neha for tagging me along, had real good time in thinking over the links. It is selecting the 7 of your blog posts links for the following categories.

1. The most beautiful post
I would categorize two of my posts as most beautiful.
Ragi Kaara Biscuits and Tomato Basil Soup

2. The most popular post
I have picked the most popular posts based on the page hits. And the popular post is Mango Cupcakes

3. The most controversial post - I believe I do not have anything controversial on food posts :).
4. The most helpful post 
I had posted a new page for Basic & Tips and I would think the Making of Idli batter as the most helpful post. 

I also list Paneer Butter Masala as another helpful post because my recipe is lower in fat but has the same great taste as the restaurant version.

5. A post that was surprisingly successful
My post on Tomato chopps, a traditional curry prepared at our house fetched surprisingly a lot of accolades and comments.

6. A post that did not get the attention it deserves
Pasiparuppu Upma, my favorite kind of upma. I believe it did not have many visitors because it was one of my earliest posts. I simply love this one.

7. A post I am most proud of
Without doubt my post on Wheat Halwa/Tirunelveli Halwa. I was beaming with proudness when I got this traditional authentic recipe right on my first try.

And now the fun part. I am tagging my 7 more of my blogger friends to play along. 
Harini-Jaya of Tamalapaku
Prathima of Prat's Corner
Priya of Now Serving
Priya of Mharo Rajasthan 
Shanavi of Kitchen Secrets
Savitha of Savitha Kitchen
Sara of Saras' Yummy bites


  1. Wow delicious looking...have fun

  2. Beautiful posts, everything looks awesome..

  3. All your posts are awesome..:)

  4. Great links n your mango cupcakes are my fav too :)
    US Masala

  5. all wonderful posts :) The halwa looks WOW! I have not dared to try it altho my hubby's family is from T'veli - bookmarking to try
    Thanks for tagging :) I am working on it :)

    cheers, priya

  6. nice links..really pasiparuppu upma is very new to me..looks so yum..bookmarking it to try :)

  7. Love this tag idea, its very useful to share the posts!

  8. Hey nice tag game yaar...Thanks to that got to know some of your best posts...Wheat halwa looks perfect to the core....

    Hamaree Rasoi

  9. Nice game....Good thing u posted the ragi biscuits...I missed that one..Looks so good & off now to view it..And thx for tagging me :)
    Prathima Rao
    Parts Corner

  10. beautiful all the recipes....

    I am also tagged ..yet to post on that..:)

    Chk out my Diwali Event:

    and On Going Event - Strawberry Desserts

  11. Congrats Krithi on awards and tag, it was great knowing your thoughts on your own posts :)

    Thanks for tagging me, I will try to post it as soon as I can.

  12. Congrats Kirthi! very well written!

  13. Nice was such a treat with each recipe and pic so beautiful and tempting.

  14. hi krithi, congrats for being chosen to do the 7 links... its what you deserve. great 7 posts.. :)

  15. mmm... lovely collection of recipes.

  16. lovely collection dear . Love going through them all.

  17. Love the tag idea ... Had fun ... Happy to follow u ......

  18. beautiful posts... loved reading them especially wheat halwa.. :)


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